Purchasing Pet Friendly Flooring For Your Home


You’re planning to perfect your space, and you want to make sure that the ENTIRE family is accommodated. Is accommodating all your four-legged family members an important part of the plan? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, it’s estimated that nearly 70% of American households include at least one pet.


When designing an ideal space where ALL members of the family can feel comfortable, it makes sense to start from the bottom. That means finding a floor that’s not only stylish and comfortable, but can handle the occasional puppy “accident.” While there used to be a time when it was challenging, if not impossible, to find pet-friendly flooring for all styles and tastes, those days, fortunately, are a relic of the past. Modern technology has hundreds of options to choose from, both hard-surface and soft-surface flooring. 


Got your heart set on carpet, but the occupants of your home seem to have other plans? Whether you’re rooming with Fluffy and Fido – or the majority of household members are still learning their ABCs – you don’t have to compromise style for practicality. Appealing to homeowners from all walks of life, carpet remains an extremely popular choice for new homeowners and high-end consumers alike – and with good reason. Truly, there’s a carpet to fit everyone’s needs, including pet-lovers. 


Pet-friendly carpet | pet-friendly flooring

We know accidents can happen: especially in multi-pet households. But you can take comfort in the fact that brands like Oath by Resista® offers revolutionary waterproof construction, is easy to clean, and is exceptionally durable. Among the other options is Relax, it’s…Lees®, which features ground-breaking stain protection, ultra-durable construction, and an exclusive 25-Year NO Exclusions Stain Warranty. 


Have you got your heart set on hardwood? That’s OK! Just add an extra layer of protection with area rugs for rooms and carpet runner for stairs. Not only will this protect your hardwood against the daily wear and tear from your four-legged family members but can also provide some relief for elderly pets that might experience trouble with traction on hard surfaces. Like today’s carpet, many area rugs offer built-in stain protection, and can be cleaned with ease. 


Speaking of hardwood, did you know that today’s luxury vinyl flooring products incorporate all the natural beauty of organic woods, without the accompanying hassle? Both Invincible H2O™ and Invincible XT™ offer some downright stunning options – whether your personal tastes lean towards classic or more contemporary. Invincible XT™ is a solidcore option featuring breakthrough technology for outstanding waterproof protection, durability, and high-end designer looks, while Invincible H20™ is 100% waterproof from top to bottom. 


Of course, flooring is only the beginning. The good news is, today’s designers are listening closely to the desires and needs of pet lovers. From furniture made to conceal animal hair, to cabinetry made to conceal water bowls and litter boxes, it’s easier than ever to make your living space truly feel like “home sweet home” for all.