A Legacy of Exceptional Flooring Products and Customer Service

Giant Floor is a family-owned business serving Northeast Pennsylvania. Peter A. Rubando started a small flooring business with his father, Andrew, in April 1965. Three generations of the Rubando family dedicate themselves to delivering flooring solutions to their customers. They continue to provide top-quality flooring products and exceptional customer service.

Overcoming Challenges and Persevering The Great Flood of ‘72

Those who lived through it will never forget the summer of 1972. Hurricane Agnus stormed in on June 23rd, causing the Susquehanna River to burst its banks to a record flood level of 40.6 feet.

Peter A Rubando - Founder
Peter A Rubando – Founder

Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Valley, and many surrounding towns were devastated. The event prompted Peter to come up with the quote, “We will always be here to serve you.” He backed up his commitment by working 7 days a week and many sleepless nights installing flooring to help the community return to their homes, making them livable again.

To this day, we hear customers still tell us about flooring they bought over 50 years ago!

Always a Family Business

Peter understood the value of quality flooring and its impact on a family or a business. In 1986, he was an original member and helped establish CCA Global Carpet One, an organization for flooring professionals. Today, Carpet One Floor and Home is the largest cooperative of floor-covering retailers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Members enjoy significant buying power and savings, which they pass along to their customers.

Second Generation

One of Peter’s sons, Mark A. Rubando, worked in the oil and gas industry as an internal auditor.  Mark would frequently travel to Europe and Africa, where he saw life from a different perspective. While in Lagos, Nigera, Mark received a call from his father, Peter, inquiring about assisting with a computer system. Mark returned to Pennsylvania and has worked every day in Giant Floor since 1984. In nearly 40 years, Mark has never taken a day off and strives for humility and righteousness in everything he does. In addition to Mark, Peter N. Rubando, had worked in Giant Floor throughout his career, except briefly when he transitioned to the healthcare industry. Flooring and sales has always been in his blood. In 2011 he rejoined Giant Floor with a focus on marketing and sales, where he could use his experience to take care of customers first. If there is a problem, Pete always finds a solution. Peter currently runs the Residential and Commercial Divisions of Giant Floor.

Mark & Doni Rubando
Mark & Doni Rubando
Pete N Rubando
Pete N Rubando

Third Generation

Mark’s son, Roman, already had Giant Floor in his blood and followed in the family’s footsteps. Mark

began training Roman on the forklift as they rode around the warehouse together when he was four years old.

Roman was a natural entrepreneur who began selling on eBay at 8 years old. Throughout his junior and high school days, Roman worked in the warehouse and on installation jobs. He enjoyed the area rug segment of the flooring business the most.

After graduating Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School, Roman knew he wanted to work full-time in the family business. He realized that “everyone walks on a floor!” and understood that flooring is needed for all applications in life.

Launch of the Giant Floor Brand

Roman grew up with the internet and understood the power of eCommerce and the benefits of selling anything 24/7. He always wanted to start his own rug and flooring brand and finally achieved it.

Using his passion for product development and design, Roman launched the entire Giant Floor brand in 2020. He said, “It is my true passion in life, and there is no other place I would rather be.” Giant Floor is the manufacturer for all flooring products in our brand. Our brand offers top-quality waterproof flooring, carpet, carpet tile, area rugs, and waterproof moldings, with experts providing the best flooring installation and repair services. With the launch of the new brand, the Rubando family is poised to take their business to the next level and continue to provide exceptional products and services to their customers.

Roman Rubando
Roman Rubando

Diversification and Expansion

Over the years, the company expanded its product line to include various flooring solutions, from waterproof flooring, carpets, and hardwood to window treatments and wallpaper. They also offer expert installation. The company’s commitment to innovation and expansion has been a key factor in its success over the years.

On December 31st, 2015, Peter A. Rubando officially retired, and his son Mark took 100% ownership of the company. 2016 was the year Mark’s brother ,Peter N., became Head of Residential and Commercial Operations for Giant Floor. Peter A’s grandson, Roman Rubando, is now VP of Giant Floor.


Our Brand and Our Dogs

Giant Floor is a family and pet-friendly business. Some of the earlier branding features Mark’s and Roman’s late dog, Dino. Their new dog and Giant Floor mascot is Aquila. You’ll see her on every sample book, box, and giant brand display. In addition to this, custom is our forte! We strive to do things differently. We can make and produce any type of flooring to your specific specifications.

Our Vision

As of 2023, Giant Floor has manufactured and produced to always keep a minimum of 10 million square feet of Giant Brand residential and commercial flooring in stock throughout our warehouses. Currently, Giant Floor has over 30+ daily installation crews that services Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Our installation services are regionalized; however, the brand is nationalized! We have grown our operations to service our customers nationwide.

Giant Floor

The Giant Floor Timeline

Giant Floor was founded by Peter A. Rubando and his father, Andrew, in Wilkes-Barre, PA.


Expansion begins as Giant Floor opens additional stores throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.


Peter A. Rubando is a founding member of CCA Global Carpet One, an organization for flooring professionals.


Giant Floor becomes known for its exceptional customer service and dedication to providing high-quality flooring solutions.


The company continues to expand and modernize its operations, implementing new technologies to serve its customers better.


Giant Floor remains committed to its core family values while staying ahead of industry trends and offering a wide range of flooring options.


December 31st, Peter Rubando officially retired.


Giant Floor became flooring manufacturer.