The Mahindra Bolero Is A Generous Multi-Utility Vehicle And Then Some

Along with the Mahindra Bolero’s simple maintenance, excellent fuel economy and unrivaled reliability and endurance – the Bolero offers different modifications and variations, which means it presents with a likable relationship between work and play.

Comfortable design and luxury

The Mahindra Bolero boasts a mighty design that parallels comfort to the Bolero’s force. This acme of comfortability, and a driver-oriented experience, is achieved through the interior’s pleasantly soft seating; ergonomically designed and manufactured gearstick; sumptuous armrests and the user-friendly instrument-cluster.

Assuring safety

The Bolero ensures the least likelihood of tipping or rolling – due to its ingenious and stable design. The Bolero’s radials are notably wide and it has a significant low center of gravity, as well as an extra dense anti-roll bar made of anticorrosive sheet metal. All these components contribute to the Bolero’s excellent stability and any driver’s piece-of-mind in the event of an impact accident.

Ease and utility

The Bolero is nicknamed a ‘workhorse’ for good reason – it can transport anything and practically everything you might need to. The load box has an incredible 1-ton (2520 cubic meters) maximum capacity – meaning it can conveniently fit anything from sand and scaffolding to various types of cargo. The Bolero’s load box is customizable to suit your needs. You can choose between a conventional bakkie-bed layout, a loader (4×2) or a drop side (4×2). The Mahindra Bolero was designed and manufactured to do your heavy lifting. The loader and drop side versions of the Bolero come with vinyl seating and rubber flooring.

Mahindra Bolero Bakkies

The Mahindra Bolero legacy starts with the single cab bakkie – the Maxi truck. This variation provides 74kW of power and great efficiency on any terrain. The single cab comes with 2.5 liter NEF turbo diesel engine – which offers the ability to haul cargo plainly from 1000rpm (in third gear!) – proving that the Bolero single cab has plenty of force to back you up. The single cab is also the bakkie with the largest load box of all the bakkie contenders. It boasts a maximum capacity of 2520m3/ 1 ton and exceptional maneuverability, due to its high ground clearance and a 6.75 m turning-radius. To add to the Bolero’s list of notable features – it is fitted with a hydraulic clutch, which makes gear shifting simple and effortless.

This variant of the Bolero is also available as double cab bakkie. This means that whilst it is fitted with the same engine and delivers the same force and performance, it is a larger version of the single cab. The Bolero’s double cab model boasts a 2260mm x 1530mm x 730mm load box and the standard hydraulic clutch, higher ground clearance and 6.75 m turning-radius. In short – you’re getting the same great benefits of the single cab, with the added double cab seating and power steering.

The single and double cab Bolero bakkies are available in 4×2 and 4×4 versions and come standard with air-conditioning; mat flooring and fabric cloth seat covers.

Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck Plus

The Bolero Maxi truck Plus is just step up from the single cab Maxi truck. It is fitted with a M2DICR 2,5-litre turbo diesel engine – offering reliability whilst also being arduous and tough. This engine is powered by a four-cylinder, direct-injection configuration, which provides power to pull heavy loads consistently and adequately. Even at high operating temperatures, as well as altitudes – the Bolero Maxi truck Plus can hold its own and more. The gears come with an extended service life and provide remarkable torque in low gears. The five-speed gearbox enables drivers to easily and economically get the most force and full capability from the Maxi truck.

The Maxi truck’s engine offers less power, but makes up for it in incredible torque and fuel economy. The Maxi truck’s torque can reach 195 Nm at just 1400r/m and can be held steady up to 2200r/m. The Maxi truck’s combined cycle has mean fuel consumption of 7,0 liter per 100km.

The amount of torque produced by the Mahindra Bolero consequently entails that it can carry a full load, whilst consistently performing at remarkably efficient levels.