Kid Friendly Design Ideas for your Home

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Having kids in your home definitely affects your home décor decisions, but this impact doesn’t have to be negative. Keeping children in mind means considering how they’ll use the space differently than the adults in your home will. It is possible to combine the aesthetic appeal we crave along with the fun and entertaining elements that kids need. These ten design ideas demonstrate that a combination of kid-friendly design and beautiful aesthetic is easier to find than you think.

Have Fun with Color

When was the last time you heard anyone under the age of twelve say they were really hoping for a gray bedroom? Probably not ever. Kids love colors, so why not create some visual stimulation in your space with your children’s (or your) favorite colors. Adding color doesn’t mean you have to go crazy, nor does it mean you can’t return to a more muted palette as your children grow. Choose neutrals for larger purchases, like flooring and staple furniture, and save the colors for smaller, more temporary elements.


1. Frame windows with color. A simple, yet unexpected, way to add brightness is to use a vibrant color around windows. We love the pop of red in this family-friendly space.

2. Pillows and poofs are easy ways to add color, and they can be swapped frequently to change your space.

3. Adding color can be as simple as stacking colorful books and boxes on a desk. Once you start looking for opportunities to add color, the possibilities are endless.


Create Kid-Friendly Storage

The key to effective toy storage is making clean-up time easy. When you’re planning a space with kids in mind, it’s important not to ignore all their stuff—and they have a lot of stuff, don’t they?



4. Baskets are an easy way to conceal clutter, and these over-sized hiding places make it easy for kids to stash their belongings.

5. Collect similar items together and store them out in the open. A jar of crayons or a stack of board games make great accessories and even add some color.

6. Create a pretty “dump zone” near your primary entrance. Leaving space to drop bags, sports gear, and other items right when you walk in the door keeps clutter contained.


Choose Art You Can All Love

Art in our homes serves many purposes. It can cheer us up, inspire us, and remind us of places and people we love. Your kids should enjoy the art in your home too. There are many ways to give your children something they’ll enjoy while still maintaining your sense of style.

7. Keep art projects contained. Designate a space to display your children’s art, such as a specific spot on the wall, or a backdrop to a bookcase.

8. Make a place to create. A chalkboard wall is a great way to give your children a place to be creative. Their drawings are instantly on display, and the wall can be cleaned easily when the drawings become too cluttered. Chalkboards are also great for seasonal messages and inspiration that both children and adults can enjoy.

9. Animal art is great for children and adults. Find colorful drawings of your child’s favorite animal or even small sculptures to add personality to any space.


Include Durable and Soft Places to Play

While it may not seem like flooring is important to your children, it’s one of the most important decisions in kid-friendly design. Soft, stain-resistant carpet is perfect for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms. It absorbs sound and gives your children a comfortable, safe place to play. For areas of your home where you still want a beautiful hard surface floor, look for durability. The finish on a hardwood floor or the water resistance of a vinyl floor are all things to consider with little ones in your home.

10. For the beautiful look of hardwood and a floor that will stand up to play time, luxury vinyl floors come in both plank and tile styles. You may also hear them called LVT or LVP. These floors offer realistic visuals of hardwood and tile with added resistance to scratches and liquids.


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