What Is Gerflor?

Gerflor is a group which creates and manufactures innovate flooring which is both decorative and innovative. They are environmentally sustainable, high quality vinyl floorings which can be both in the home and in commercial contexts. It can be used for sport, for contract, for transportation and for residential purposes with ease.

There’s loads of different types of Gerflor on the market, and the company’s portfolio of high quality, vinyl floor tiles and planks for domestic use are the result of a long history of innovations in the industry.

There is a whole heap of designs, patterns and styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find one which could suit almost every conceivable purpose.

Choosing you flooring

With so much on the market, it’s a good idea to shop around before you make any firm decisions. Many people believe that a hard wood floor will be a classic look in their home, and above all that it will last a long time. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the material, wood will often wear and mark, and in even the lowest levels of damp it can warp substantially. It means wood is never a good decision in a bathroom or a kitchen, although it could be used in living areas and hallways (provided you mop up any minor spills instantly).

Gerflor is available in truly realistic hardwood effects, which even has a grain. These planks can look just like the real deal, but because they’re made of tougher stuff than their natural equivalent, they will last year on year. Often they will even be cheaper!

Have a look at all the different planks and tiles available, and remember that you don’t need to stick with just one look. In bathrooms especially a combination of tiles can look really lovely, adding interest and giving your room a unique feel.

How to lay vinyl

Many vinyl flooring types require the addition of glue, and with it, professional installation. It’s very easy to make a mess, and if anything goes wrong it can go really wrong. Gerflor on the other hand, is backed with a self-adhesive in both its forms, so whether you pick tiles or planks, you will be able to lay your floor simply and quickly, without the need for expensive installation.

By laying a subfloor you can guarantee that there won’t be any lumps and bumps (these will show through, so this is time well spent). Then, simply arrange your tiles, peel off the backing, and stick down! Simple.