The Only Floor Cleaning Tool You’ll Ever Need

How many floor cleaning tools do you use for your home’s floor surfaces?

Too many probably! The majority of households have a broom, a mop and some type of dust mop that uses disposable wipes to pick up lint, hair and dirt. Although you might have never really contemplated how many floor cleaning tools you have before you read this piece, it’s time to reevaluate your cleaning tool arsenal. Too many cleaning tools equates to extra time spent cleaning when you could easily use that precious time doing other things like spending time with your kids, family, pets or just getting in some extra you time by reading a book or binging on your favorite Netflix show.

What if there was a single floor cleaner that would eliminate your need for all those floor cleaning tools? You’d totally jump at the opportunity to ditch everything else for the convenience of one floor cleaner, right? Anyone looking to decrease their floor cleaning time would, and the good news is that these floor cleaning tools do exist, you just need to find the right one.

A Floor Cleaner That Does It All

Just as there are floor cleaners that work on all floor surfaces, there are tools that do it all, too. The best ones are dust mops that double as spray mops, eliminating the need for both a broom and a mop. This way, you simply use one tool to pick up dirt and debris on your floor’s surfaces and then when you’re done, transform it into a spray mop to get them clean. Not only will you reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your floors, but you’ll also have more room in your storage closet since you’ll only need one floor cleaner in there! Plus, the spray mop also eliminates the need for an annoying bucket that tends to also take up loads of space in your broom closet.

Great As A Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Many new homes and rentals now have vinyl floors that look like wood, stone or tile floors. The great thing about vinyl flooring is that they are low maintenance and are relatively easy to care for. Like other flooring, you have to make sure the dirt and grit are swept to maintain the surface, which is why a dust mop is convenient for the job. Then, to make it shiny and clean, you’ll want a spray mop to remove stains and dirt. The easiest and best way to clean vinyl floor is to use a special vinyl floor cleaner with a multi-use floor cleaner that can easily transform from a dust mop to a spray mop. It’s the easiest and best way to clean your vinyl floors, as well as any other types of flooring surface your home has.

An Easier Dust Mop

When you find the right floor cleaner that does it all, you’ll no longer need a broom to sweep up any dirt or debris! The dust mop will make it way easier to clean your floor surfaces since you simply push the dust mop on the surface instead of having to use a sweeping motion over and over again on all your floors. That repetitive motion can get tiring, especially if you have a large floor surface to cover. But when looking for a the right dust mop, opt for one that has reusable microfiber pads so that you can save money and the environment instead of having to buy replacement pads all the time. The reusable microfiber pads can be cleaned in the washing machine, making it a convenient and affordable alternative to buying replacement dust pads.

A Better Spray Mop

An all-in-one floor cleaner not only functions as a dust mop, but can also be used as a spray mop by simply switching out its cleaning pad and adding the right floor cleaning solution. There’s no need for a bucket filled with dirty water that you have to lug around as you clean your floors since the spray mop holds the cleaning solution itself! It dispenses liquids right from its dispense and uses microfiber cleaning pads to clean up dirt and more. Plus, a spray mop can get into hard-to-reach spots better than a mop does and is more comfortable to use than a regular mop thanks to its ergonomic design. And like its dust mop capabilities, the cleaning pads are also washable and reusable, so that you save money not having to buy replacement pads all the time.