Earthwerks Vinyl Plank Flooring – Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Earthwerks vinyl plank flooring is quickly making itself a name in the floorcovering market. Earthwerks has grabbed the attention of the vinyl flooring industry with it’s combination of aggressive pricing and high quality, luxury vinyl plank offerings. With the recent market share increases shown by the luxury vinyl tile and plank floor covering segment, Earthwerks appears to be a market forerunner in the vinyl flooring business. Earthwerks provides a wide array of vinyl planks from traditional select grade wood strips to wide plank rustic designs. Most consumers know that luxury vinyl tile and planks have dramatic advantages over real hardwood floors. Luxury vinyl floors, like those manufactured from Earthwerks, provide a tough, stain proof, water and mold resistant, but beautiful flooring choice. With 13 different vinyl plank flooring series, Earthwerks is a consumer favorite for saving money without sacrificing quality. Here is a breakdown of the multiple styles and vinyl wood looking planks you can select from with Earthwerks.

Pacific Plank – The most economical luxury vinyl plank manufactured by Earthwerks. 9 different colors are given. Plank sizes are 6″ wide. This is a great entry level vinyl plank and can even compete price wise with lower quality peel and stick planks.

Soledo Plank – 9 various colors to choose from. This is a medium character board design. A simulated bamboo vinyl plank is even offered. These planks are 4.25″ wide and have a smooth finish.

Aberdeen Plank – These 4″ wide vinyl flooring planks have 6 different colors. The Aberdeen has a quality for a semi rustic character with simulated knots to create a cabin grade or reclaimed wood appeal. This product has a ribbed, embossed finish.

Natural Plank – This is the most narrow plank manufactured by Earthwerks at 3″ wide. 6 colors are offered. The finish is smooth and the planks have a tight pattern that looks like a select grade oak wood floor. This product is a good one to consider if you need a more formal look. The narrow strip also does better in smaller areas than a wide plank.

Remington Plank – This semi rustic look has some character but without a worn look. Remington planks by Earthwerks are available in 4 colors. The Cherry color #ARP644 is a very nice alternative to cherry stained hardwood flooring. These luxury vinyl planks are 6″ wide.

Sonoma Plank – Sonoma is another semi rustic vinyl plank with a wider width at 6″. The unique feature of the Sonoma plank is the hand scraped embossing that recreates the look and feel of hand scraped real hardwood flooring. 6 colors are manufactured by Earthwerks in this series.

Montana Plank – This vinyl plank offers 8 styles. It is also 7.24″ wide and one of the wider board designs by Earthwerks. Simulated nail marks give this style an added appeal for those who like the look of reclaimed hardwood flooring. A unique color for the vinyl plank industry is available in the Montana series, light gray.

Wood Antique – Earthwerks Wood Antique series has a large offering of 10 colors. These 4″ wide planks have the appearance of narrow wood strip hardwood flooring. The light maple color is a nice change of color compared to other colors on the market. This vinyl plank also has a 10 year commercial warranty.

Dakota Plank – This plank also has a 10 year commercial rated warranty. 6 very rustic colors are available. The gray, weather washed plank is highly distinct. These luxury vinyl planks are 6″ wide.

Bradford Plank – This 3 color series manufactured by Earthwerks with a formal design in it’s wood grain characteristics and a smooth finish realistically mimics a select grade, high end hardwood floor. The width on the Bradford vinyl planks is 6 inches.

Innsbruck Plank – With ribbed embossing, this semi rustic vinyl wood plank has character that could be used in many different settings. The 3 colors in Innsbruck are very neutral and can be good choices if you are looking for a 6″ wide plank to blend with most any setting.

Wood Classic – These luxury vinyl planks are some of the most popular consumer choices for the Earthwerks line. Wood Classic is the only vinyl plank manufactured by Earthwerks that has registered embossing. Registered embossing means that not only can you see a character trait in the floor like a knot, but you can also feel the knot. It is a very impressive finish and likely the most realistic 7.24″ wide plank on the market. If you like very rustic wood looking floor, one of the 6 colors in Wood Classic would be an excellent starting point. This plank also carries a 10 year commercial warranty.

Vintage Plank – A very distinct looking vinyl floor. Only 2 colors are manufactured in the Vintage series but each color is very attractive in the right setting. Vintage is extremely rustic. The gray appears to have been white washed and is another unique color often not seen in the luxury vinyl market. This is the widest plank made by Earthwerks at 7.32″.