Concrete Overlays a Healthy Alternative to Carpet and Tile


For the most part when a homeowner considers a decorative concrete overlay they are doing so for two reasons. One being beauty, decorative concrete overlay systems can mimic many different looks and there are so many choices in terms of patterns, colors and designs. The other reason is cost, resurfacing concrete as apposed to replacing or using another type of floor covering can usually results in savings for the homeowner, and a better valued product to boot.

Many may not even realize that decorative concrete is a perfect flooring option for inside the home. To often we make purchasing choices based on what we see the most of. As is clearly evident, there are plenty of carpeting and tile flooring companies advertising their products. But we rarely see advertisements for concrete overlay companies.

A little known but very important fact mostly goes unrecognized, and that are the health benefit of having a decorative concrete overly inside the home. We may have heard before, that having a carpeted surface can lead to certain allergy related conditions, including respiratory disorders. But did you know that other non-sustainable, traditional flooring surfaces can harvest dangerous trapped elements, like molds. Floor coverings such as seamed vinyl or tile, can become breeding grounds for a host of unwanted fungi and bacteria. Reports have shown that sometimes the air pollution can be as much as five times greater inside your home than outside. Now, that is not to say the entire cause of the poor indoor air quality is flooring, but why not eliminate a major contributor. With carpeting its clear where the allergens and other bacteria can hide. In tile, it’s in the grout lines and in a vinyl, wood and laminate floors, it’s at the seams. When we clean this type of flooring water inevitably finds it way in those seams. This is where the trouble arises. Wet environments are exactly what some of those nasty allergens are looking for. With a concrete overlay systems grout lines can still be incorporated into the design the difference is they are sealed.

Seamlessly applied concrete overlay systems promote a healthy living environment for you and your family. The products are non porous and easy to clean. Another bonus is that they meet the sanitary surface requirements of the USDA and FDA. They can improve the quality of life those that already suffer from certain illnesses such as Asthma, Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS. The time is now to make sure you and your family is living in a healthy environment. Concrete overlay systems can help you achieve that.