Cleaners For Different Kinds of Floor Surfaces

Often than not every kind flooring requires different cleaning process. Here are some of the most common floor surfaces and the maintenance needed to make it appealing over the years.

Ceramic Tile Flooring: When using acids to clean this kind of flooring, remember to rinse it thoroughly. Acidic products can be absorbed by the gout and eventually make it thinner and prone to dirt.

Finished Wood – The best solution to use in cleaning wood surfaces is neutral or mild alkaline. Do not overuse liquid solutions even water because the wood fibers can easily absorb it and sooner or later will damage your wood flooring.

Marble Flooring – Never use acidic solutions in cleaning this surface because marble is made up of lime, the use of acid will soften the floor. Even the natural color of the surface is affected when acids are used.

Concrete Floors – Acidic products should not be used to maintain the surface. It will just cause deterioration. It is also important to use sealants on the flooring regularly to avoid penetration of soil.

Vinyl Tiles – The flooring can be easily maintained because most solutions and products can be use on the surface. It is immune to acids and solvents so anything can be used to maintain the floor. Wax coating can be applied to avoid friction and wear.

Polymer Floors – A synthetic kind of flooring that will not wear with any kind of cleaning products even ammonia and acid. The flooring is really shiny especially when more layers of polymer are coated on the area.

These are simple procedures to be kept in mind when cleaning floor surfaces. Better be knowledgeable because special floor surfaces require different floor cleaners.