Bringing a Little Hygge Into Your Home

Bringing a Little Hygge Into Your Home

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word, a way of life – one of those beautiful things that doesn’t directly translate into English. If dated back to the 18th century, the word can be loosely connected to the English word for hug. If we had an exact word for it, it would be the combination of comfort, warmth and togetherness. Moments of hygge can be anything: drinking tea in front of the fire, eating ice cream before turning in for the night, enjoying dinner around your dining room table with friends or even just reading this magazine while your dog is asleep at your feet. Everyone wants to be more relaxed and comfortable and what better way than to embrace the hygge lifestyle? Hygge can be used as a concept for interior design in your home to make your rooms look happy and cozy. Here are a few hygge-inspired tips to make your home cozier this upcoming year.

By using natural materials such as wood and wool, you can give your room a warm texture while also being environmentally conscious. Use different types of flowers such as lavender and daisies to keep with the all-natural theme and give your room a nice pop of color. Invest in some candles that aren’t too overpowering in odor but add a nice glow and exude some calming scents into your room. Indirect lighting is your best friend. Try buying small lamps to set on end tables or installing a few wall sconces. Don’t use a big overhead light to brighten up the whole room; these are too overwhelming and can sometimes make a space too bright. Use twinkle lights to light up the darker corners of your room or even just to add an extra bit of light to your living space.

By using pastel colors such as light grays, browns and creams, you can create a room that matches everything. Be sure to use the idea of creating harmony with your color schemes when thinking about the décor of each room. Layering of blankets and pillows gives your room a soft ambiance. Create cozy nooks such as window bench or a love seat where people will naturally gravitate to find some comfort. Use soft comforters and fluffy pillows in your bedroom.

The addition of a fireplace encourages loved ones to stay close and huddle in together for warmth. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat space – make it a place you want to rest and rejuvenate. To do this, you want to keep your clutter out of sight by utilizing lots of hidden storage space. Keep your toiletries and other bathroom essentials in cabinets and shelves that are out of sight when you’re enjoying a long bath. Make it laid back and serene.

Make the space your own. Consider buying some small nesting tables to put in your living room. Keep decorations minimalistic and remember that a few well-chosen accessories should do just fine. Create various atmospheres instead of just one big room. Buy soft rugs and colored cashmere plaids and invest in some smooth patterned blankets to throw over your couches and chairs. You want to make your space a safe haven, so adding relaxing music will help to create that atmosphere. But don’t forget to hide your speakers in a TV cabinet or a desk where they are out of sight. Most importantly, when all is said and done, don’t forget to relax and take a good moment to enjoy the space around you! And remember, hygge is best shared by those you’re closest to, so invite over a few friends or gather your family to enjoy your new cozy spaces.