6 Flooring Trends to Try in Your Home

6 Flooring Trends to Try IIII

Textured & Patterned Carpet

Through a technique called cut and loop, where some of the carpet fibers are cut, leaving exposed ends while others remain looped, carpet manufacturers can create beautiful textures and patterns. Textures and patterns make carpet interesting and give the home a more distinct look. From more organic vines and waves to structured waffle patterns and geometric shapes, a subtle carpet pattern can drastically change the look of a room.


6 Flooring Trends to Try In Your Home | Patterned Carpet |Textured Carpet


1) Longbranch in Lamp Post by Bigelow 2) Summit Point in Beechnut by Relax, It’s… Lees 3) Heather’s Heart in Crater Rim by Tigressa Cherish

Luxury Vinyl

A relatively new flooring option, luxury vinyl, is taking the flooring world by storm. With realistic replications of hardwood and tile, these floors are easier to install, durable and low maintenance. Luxury vinyl flooring typically falls into two categories: luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Plank styles are designed to mimic hardwood and are now available in wide plank styles up to six feet in length.

Wood Look Tile

Realistic printed visuals aren’t only beneficial in the vinyl category. Wood looks have also found their way into the tile selection. Ceramic tiles with realistic wood textures and colors are great for giving any room in your home a nature-inspired look. From bathrooms to kitchens and entryways, wood-look tile is versatile on the floors and walls.


6 Flooring Trends to Try in Your Home | Luxury Vinyl Plank | Wood Look Tile


Luxury Vinyl (pictured left): 1) Excelsior Tile Plus in Glacier by Invincible 2) Anthony Meadows in Carrington by Invincible H2O 3) Anchor Way Oak in Lion’s Den by Invincible H2O; Wood Look Tile (pictured right): 1) Zumwalt Passage in Grandfather Clock by Bel Terra 2) Season Wood Field Tile in Redwood Grove by Bel Terra 3)Yorktown Woods in English Gray by Bel Terra

Matte Finish Floors

With a shift to more casual, comfortable homes, the gloss level on hardwood flooring has decreased. Matte finishes have a softer, more natural look that complements more casual, modern décor. These finishes carry through to other hard surface flooring as well, including tile and luxury vinyl.


6 Flooring Trends to Try in Your Home | Matte Finish Flooring


1) Artisan Plank in Claro by Special Value 2) Sundance in Desert Field Oak by Rustic River 3) Eastview in Watchtower by Laminate for Life

Double (& Triple) Staining

There’s no need to choose one stain color for your hardwood floors. Manufacturers are adding dimension to floors with multiple layers of staining. You’ll frequently see options with two or three distinct color variations. These floors are great for coordinating with different colors throughout your home.

Smooth Finishes

While more texture has been added with color, less actual texture is being incorporated into flooring, making them smoother to the touch. Knot holes are filled in, and scraping is minimal. Rustic flooring we saw several years ago has transitioned to be sleeker and more modern but has not lost all of its rustic charms.


6 Flooring Trends to Try in Your Home | Multi-Stained Flooring | Smooth Finish Hardwood Floors


Multi-staining (pictured left): 1) Hamilton Park Walnut in High Tide by Rustic River 2) Altenburg Treasure in Cool Breeze by Bel Terra 3) Asiago in Durango by Bel Terra; Smooth finish (pictured right): 1) Wellington Bluffs Red Oak in Coffee House by Rustic River 2) Ozark Ridge in Desktop by Rustic River 3) Ozark Ridge in Hickory Natural by Rustic River