Top 5 Modern Farmhouse Flooring Picks

The modern farmhouse style is a look and feel that is relaxed and warm – the epitome of “home.” However, that’s not to say a lot of thought hasn’t gone into achieving something so…easy-going. Quite the contrary and surprisingly, an aesthetic that is so fundamentally effortless takes some planning, and the right products to complete the look.

Much like the history that inspires this look, each finish and furnishing tells a story through proudly presented (and emulated) chips, scratches and artful imperfections.

As with all throwbacks, the modern-farmhouse aesthetic is an evolution of its namesake. This traditional-made-modern decor style is more refined than its original, featuring clean and contemporary elements mixing and mingling with those well-loved and well-worn pieces that bring some country into the modern urban home.

Here are five favorite product picks for flooring, in five different materials, to start your modern farmhouse interior off on the right foot, so to speak.

5 Farmhouse flooring picks for beautiful modern farmhouses

Farmhouse Luxury Vinyl Plank

With “rustic” being the main influencer of the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic, it only makes sense to work it into your decor, from the ground up. Our top pick is a luxury vinyl plank product, Bellevue Avenue in Sunken Treasure. The look is textural and warm, yet light enough to lend that cool and casual modern-farmhouse look to a space. For your farmhouse kitchen floor, this product pairs beautifully with black hardware and white or tonal painted cabinetry. Apart from its aesthetic attributes, farmhouse vinyl flooring is durable, so it’s ideal for use in heavy-traffic area such as a mudroom or foyer.

Farmhouse style flooring in kitchen
Farmhouse Hardwood Flooring

Natural wood is the epitome of farmhouse-chic. It’s earthy, simple and it’s practical, and it looks great when it carries through the entire home – including the kitchen! As the main farmhouse wood floor throughout the home I suggest Shelbyville in Dovetail, by Rustic River. This wide-plank hardwood boasts a character and charm that works beautifully with a modern-farmhouse vibe. This particular product is slightly warmer in a medium brown tonal effect.  It showcases the natural beauty with its characteristics in the knots of the white oak which is the notable theme in this look.

Farmhouse vinyl plank flooring

Farmhouse Laminate Flooring 

For those who love the look of wood, but want durability, laminate products are an option to consider. Laminates have come a long way from the kitschy tiles you might remember from Grandma’s house way back when. Modern laminates are available in a range of looks and styles that give real hardwood a run for its money – and they’re very affordable, too. Despite the changes in laminate over the years, they’ve stayed true to the functional features that made them a popular choice in the first place. They’re durable, affordable and stylish and thus, a great go-to solution for a quick and easy floor update on a dime.

For the modern-farmhouse laminate floor, try Laurel Springs in Cardigan by Mirror Lake. This product is light, rustic and it fits the bill for a relaxed look in the modern farmhouse design. It’s got these great saw marks, large knots, and loads of character.


Lighter floors are great for the modern-farmhouse style. It gives you the flexibility to lay darker area rugs, and mix and match different wood tones. Lighter floors also bring brightness to the room, enhancing its sense of space.

Farmhouse Porcelain Tile

Porcelain flooring is a great choice for homes in all styles, because it’s super durable, low maintenance and long lasting. To complement – or inspire! – your modern-farmhouse interior, check out Haut Monde Unpolished tile in Elite Grey by Bel Terra.

The matte finish is ideal for this laid-back aesthetic, and it’s also practical- great at hiding your usual daily messes. Try installing this farmhouse tile in a staggered-brick pattern to achieve a cobblestone look. Consider contrasting the tile with a darker charcoal grout, which will make the farmhouse tile floor “pop.” Darker grout will also keep your floors looking fresher longer, since lighter grout will stain over time.

Farmhouse kitchen tile floors

Carpets & Rugs for the Modern Farmhouse 

What is a modern-farmhouse interior without come cozy farmhouse carpet? A wall-to-wall carpet will keep a bedroom feeling warm and cozy. In living areas, stick to areas rugs which allow you to combine the charm of hardwood (or laminate!) with added warmth and texture underfoot. Stick to a neutral palette to make the room appear fresh and open. Consider keeping patterns simple, and bring depth to a neutral palette by incorporating a variety of textures in the carpet and other textiles throughout the space.

For neutral looks, carpet options include Orchard Stones in Ice Cap from Oath by Resista. This carpet product has all the elements of modern-farmhouse charm – simplicity, warmth and low maintenance required. The cut and loop design and color makes a space feel welcoming, while being practical for everyday use.

Farmhouse style flooring in updated living room

The modern-farmhouse look is easy going, but don’t misunderstand that for thoughtlessness. It is all about achieving the right character and charm – the imperfectly perfect. This aesthetic is less about location, despite the farm-inspired moniker. It’s more so suited to a particular lifestyle: pet people, busy families and those who love relaxed living.

The goal is a home that feels welcoming and comforting. It’s never too precious, and features finishes that can keep up with the lifestyle. Rooted in history, this style is easy to modernize with the right elements, starting from the floor up!