Swiftlock Laminate Flooring – Supreme Technology From One of the Top Floor Manufacturers

For DIY enthusiasts, nothing beats the feeling of getting something done with one’s own hands. Yes, DIY projects are really enjoying. Sometimes, though, working with your hands may be tasking and tiring. For instance, installing laminate flooring in your house may get tricky. Most laminate flooring will require you to use your utility knife to trim the snapping connections on the adjoining planks so you can slide them together. For seasoned DIYers, that may not be a pressing problem. But it can be a difficult task for a newbie DIY enthusiast.

To make laminate flooring installation easier, Armstrong, which is one of the top flooring companies in North America, has created an innovative “swiftlock” technology. With Armstrong’s Swiftlock laminate flooring, you can easily install your flooring even if you do not have DIY know-how. This flooring uses a unique and revolutionary click-together and glue-less design.

You do not have to mess up yourself with glue because you can immediately install Swiftlock’s covering over any sub-floor. Each tongue and groove plank will lock tightly into the next one. And because you did not use any glue, you can immediately walk on the flooring as soon as you have installed it.

And with its ArmaLock system, Swiftlock flooring has a locking strength of about 670 pounds per foot. So you do not have to worry about your any dislodged flooring.

Aside from being the easiest to install flooring in the market, Swiftlock is of superior quality. The wear layer of Swiftlock’s laminate is made up of an aluminum-oxide derived substance that makes it tough. Its core is beefed up with melamine to ensure that it will absorb accidental spills and remain free from the damaging effects of moisture. Aside from that, this flooring is resistant from any scratches or indentations. It is also designed not to fade. In fact, Armstrong is so confident of Swiftlock’s quality that they back it up with a warranty of 25 to 30 years.

Swiftlock is designed to replicate the beauty of traditional hardwood flooring. Some of the popular laminates out in the market are replicas of Heritage Pine, Clearwater Oak Honey, Pecan, and Heirloom Hickory hardwood floors. Using state of the art materials and equipment, Armstrong has created real-life laminate floors. The finish is so fine that people would not know that they are walking on laminate.

A Swiftlock floor is indeed the solution for homeowners who do not want to spend unreasonable money on enhancing their homes. This flooring is very affordable compared to real wood flooring. And because it can be easily installed, you can really save more money with Swiftlock. And because it is made from high-quality material, you can be sure that your house will look stylish for a long, long time.

Start browsing online now and check out the varying designs of elegant Swiftlock laminate flooring that are available for a very affordable price.