Carpet Tiles Ideas and Benefits

Carpet tiles, specially for home and residential use are a practical alternative and as such are gaining ground for the home flooring market. There are numerous suppliers and brands and being used not only in America, but Europe and the rest of the world as well. This is because of their versatility, design possibilities and ease of installation (with corresponding cost savings).

One of the main benefits is that with carpet tiles you can easily replace the floor or individual tiles and even remodel creating a new look in no time.

Carpet squares (modular carpets and carpet tiles are the same) are durable, easy to replace and give the room a homely atmosphere. There are now even tiles that need not be glued to the floor, but by simply placing then, tight against each other, they are laid down and keep firmly under their own weight resting on the ground.

Carpet floor tiles have the advantage that they can moved quickly around to make the space comfortable and in case of a mishap to be replaced quickly.

They still have the benefits of normal carpet providing warmth, sound insulation and as the backing, of higher quality than normal carpet, is an integral part of the tile, there is no need for extra padding – this reduces both the cost of the extra padding and the cost of installation.

You will find tiles that come in a variety of sizes, typically 18 inches x 18, and 40×40 or 50×50 square cm as well as in other forms and in many different colors and qualities.

Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles

Self-adhesive carpet tiles are extremely cheap, depending on the quality you are looking for. On the back is an adhesive coating with a film about it. When laying simply remove the foil and stick the tile.

Self Laying Carpet Tiles

Still relatively new are even lying carpet squares. They have a special, heavy coating on the back – usually made of PVC. This makes them more stable and strong.

Numerous Design Options

In all types of tiles, there are countless design possibilities. There are being made in a wide variety of materials, from needle felt, nylon yarn, coconut, sisal and other natural fibers. Variety also goes beyond the color and color based designs as they are also produced with different textures that go from loop pile to cut pile and a whole series of combination’s including yarn height differences in the same tile.

The forms are no longer just square. You are spoiled for choice with different geometric shapes such as rectangles, pentagons, and many other designs. This provides endless design options, especially as it allows you to create your own designs with the colors. (Still squares are easier to install and place together).


Their most outstanding advantage relates to the care. Murphy’s law usually has a lot to say when it comes to carpet, as in “if the glass is full, it will spill on the carpet.” When it does happen and the worst comes to the worst, you just change the individual tile. So it is always a good idea to stock up with a few individual tiles.

Normal care is the same as in carpet rolls. Regular vacuuming and cleaning. Overall, carpet tiles are easier to clean and more durable than a deep-pile carpet.