Five Luxe Indoor Plants Perfect for Décor

Bringing plants indoors is a great way to enjoy nature no matter the weather. Indoor plants provide a wide range of benefits including purifying the air as well as creating a peaceful atmosphere. Many plants also offer a lot of style and interest to a home as well.

1. Ficus Tree

Any indoor plant that grows above 6 feet is bound to draw attention. Larger plants usually cost more than smaller ones making them a luxury. The Ficus Tree is one of those indoor plants that can quickly grow tall and add depth to a home. They are known for living a long time with the proper care and are commonly grown as a houseplant. Ficus Trees have an intertwining trunk that screams luxury and style. Place a few of these beauties on either side of an entryway, at the end of a long hallway, or even in the corner of a kitchen to create instant polish to a room.

Indoor Ficus Tree

2. Succulents

These unique plants are known for their ability to hold water within their leaves making them incredibly low maintenance. Succulents vary in all shapes and sizes. Options include Hens & Chicks, a plant that produces small round shaped succulents that like to spread within a container. Other interesting options include the Panda Plant that offers fuzzy blue-grey leaves dotted with black spots on the edges. Succulents are happy to be left alone and offer a lot of interest and beauty to a space without getting too large. Place a lot of them around a home on coffee tables, bookshelves, and window sills in order to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Indoor Succulents Plants

3. Jade Pothos

This beautiful dark green plant loves to climb and will do well in a totem planter. Jade Pothos is an easy houseplant to grow but also offers elegance and beauty with dark green heart-shaped leaves. This plant can also be grown in hanging baskets and will grow downward for a cascading effect. Consider placing a hanging basket of Jade Pothos in front of a single window to draw interest to space.

4. Citrus Tree

The ultimate choice for a luxury indoor plant is one that will bear fruit indoors. Citrus trees are a perfect option for those upscale homeowners looking to add a “wow” factor to their home. These trees don’t grow very large and can bear fruit if hand pollinated. Choose from oranges, limes, or lemons to add instant color to your home as well as add a fresh squeeze of juice to a cocktail. Citrus trees will need watering and lots of light.

5. Cactus

If you’re looking for a stylish and more offbeat plant for the home, consider choosing a cactus. This super low maintenance plant is being featured in more and more homes thanks to its need for little attention. Grow a cactus in a large pot placed on the floor or choose a smaller variety to set as a centerpiece or on a mantle. Place a cactus in a room with bright light to cater to its natural desert landscape style. Choose from many different varieties that can grow tall, wide, or stay small to fit your room’s needs.

Indoor Cactus Plant

There are plenty of plants that can be grown indoors to add instant interest to a room. Consider adding any one of these plants to your newly styled room to add natural beauty, color, and form. Any of these plants are a must have for luxe-looking décor and would do well in raising the overall level of a room.