Gladiator Appian Way #7050

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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 54
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Introducing the exceptional Gladiator Appian Way #7050 Carpet Tile by Giant Floor, specifically designed for high traffic commercial settings like schools and airports. Made with solution-dyed nylon, this carpet tile is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its vibrant color for years to come. With a total tile weight of 134 ounces, it offers unmatched durability and resilience. The 20″ x 20″ size provides a seamless and versatile design, while the matching 13’2 broadloom option ensures a cohesive and polished look, especially for steps. As an added convenience, Giant Floor can custom manufacture matching cove base to any specification, all done in-house. Experience the perfect combination of durability, style, and customization with Gladiator Appian Way #7050 Carpet Tile, the ultimate choice for high traffic commercial settings.

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